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Iron Orbit Is An Enterprise Private Cloud, Accessible From Anywhere,
Backed By Unlimited IT Support

The future of IT is in the cloud. Offering the ability to access crucial data anywhere, cloud-hosted systems are light years ahead of traditional IT. With benefits ranging from better uptime and faster performance, to superior collaboration and “work from anywhere” flexibility, cloud computing can take your business to the next level.

At Iron Orbit, we specialize in taking businesses to the cloud—and beyond. We provide managed Windows desktops & servers with unlimited processing, bandwidth, support and backups—for a flat monthly fee. We give you full control over your cloud infrastructure, letting you manage and customize any part of your IT from the intuitive Orbital Control Portal. It has never been easier to take your business into orbit

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Hosted Windows Desktops

Fully managed Windows desktops, hosted in orbit above your competitors and accessible through a secured connection 24/7/365.

Industry Specific Hosting

Managed business applications and custom software for businesses and non-profit, educational and governmental organizations.

Managed Server Hosting

All of our managed hosted servers come with automated backup, offsite disaster recovery, real-time monitoring and SUPPORT.

Unlimited IT Support

Our support services are available 24/7/365 and operate in a geosynchronous orbit around a point in space called the User.

Watch this video to learn about Iron Orbit and our services.

We made a short video which will take you through our company's history, our services and our SUPPORT.

Why Bring Your IT To The Cloud? 6 Great Reasons To Go Orbital.

Work From Anywhere

Any member of your team can access cloud systems from anywhere in the world, on virtually any device. Teams can use company applications or collaborate on documents and projects in real-time.

Complete Scalability

Managed business applications and custom software for businesses and non-profit, educational and governmental organizations.

Automatic Software Updates—Without Downtime

Cloud systems are upgraded automatically and without any need to reset your hardware. Typically, software upgrades are completed without you even noticing.

IT Cost Savings

Cloud systems save you money by reducing your hardware expenditures, licensing costs and maintenance needs.

Continuous Backup & Disaster Recovery

All cloud assets are continuously backed up in real-time. In the unlikely event of data loss, full restoration and recovery can be achieved quickly.

99.999% Uptime

The cloud offers unparalleled uptime by hosting all your systems on redundant servers that are virtually immune to crashes.

Trusted By The Stars

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